On the 11.-12 of April 2018  in Kemi, Finland the 9th Arctic Business Forum – ABF-2018 was organized by the Lapland Chamber of Commerce. The Forum was opened by Timo Rautajoki, CEO & President of Lapland Chamber of Commerce  (photo above). At the Forum the latest news of business development in the Arctic Region were  presented. The speakers of the Arctic Business Forum are the key representatives and stakeholders on various branch of Arctic industry. The European part of the Arctic has an investment potential of at least 197 million Euro.The main theme for this year's Arctic Business Forum is «INVESTMENTS, COMPETITIVENESS & STARTUPS IN THE ARCTIC». 

Anatoly Glushkov, the President of the Chamber of Commerce  & Industry of the Murmansk Region has presentaed  information on «Cross-Border Cooperation in the European Arctic" (see him at the photo). He reported that in July 2017, the Federal Law "On the Basic Principles of Cross-Border Cooperation" was adopted in Russia. The law regulates the relations arising in connection with the implementation of cross-border cooperation, defines the basic principles, objectives and directions of cross-border cooperation, as well as the authorities vested by law to the participants of cross-border cooperation of the Russian Federation. Regions of Russia carry out cross-border cooperation in accordance with the principles and tasks defined by this law in the following areas:cooperation in the field of economy;  transport and communications;  cooperation in the field of energy; tourism; agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Anatoly Glushkov infomed tha participants about big infrastructure projects that were financed via Kolarctic CBC Program for the period 2014-2020 including the projects: «Barents on Time» (BoT); «Kolarctic Food Refining CBC Project – KFR» and others.  CCI of the Murmansk Region is participating in some of them. Another very perspective project «Arctic Food Tourism Experiences» has not received Kolarctic financing yet, but we hope it will happen soon! Anatoly Glushkov has announced that the VIII International Conference “Mining Industry of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region – View to the Future” • IMIC BEAR – 2018  will be organized on the 15.-16 of  November 2018 in the city of Kirovsk, Murmansk Region. The main topic of the Conference is “Modernization of Mining, Chemical and Metallurgical Enterprises Aimed at Integrated Development of the Mineral Resource Base”. Anatoly Glushkov has invited Finnish companies to participate in this prominent international event.

 At this Arctic Business Forum both global scenarios and local business development trends were considered.  Besides, young entrepreneurs from start-up companies had the opportunity to present information about their achievements and to establish useful contacts. Young entrepreneurs Kaj Kostiander, Managing Director of Torneo Brewery and Sirly Schinmann, Director and owner of Aurora Estate (boutique-hotel and restaurant) have shared with the Forum participants the ideas on how their innovative enterprises were created and how they are developing in the modern realities.

 One more Russian participant  – Vladimir Masloboev, Vice-Chairman of the Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Science,  Doctor of Engineering Science, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honorary Doctor of the Northern Arctic Federal University (NAFU, Arkhangelsk city) made a presentation «Ecological Safety in the Arctic» at the Forum. More information is placed at ABF web site: www.arcticbusinessforum.com.

Reported by Nadezda Kumashova, International Department Manager, CCI of Murmansk Region.