The NRCC Networking Meeting in Murmansk in the framework of the project “Networking Arena – North” took place on the 19th of June  2014.

The NRCC Networking Meeting was devoted to the prospects of cooperation between Norway and Murmansk region in Arctic Zone.


Marit Egholm Jacobsen, Acting Consul General of the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk greeted the participants. Maksim Belov, Deputy Director of «Solarctic» told about business opportunities for the Murmansk region concerning the Northern Sea Rout.  During the meeting online presentation of the company «Shtokman Development AG» was also organized. Andrey Krivorotov, the Secretary of the Board of «Shtokman Development AG», informed the participants about perspectives of Arctic Oil and Gas Development and the possibilities of global cooperation. Special attention was given to the possibilities of cross-border cooperation in the region of Murmansk - Pechenga - Kirkenes, which could be involved in part of the industrial investment. Vadim Ulanov, Project Manager of Siva-Tek, gave the report from study trip to Yamal.


Among the participants from the Russian side there were the following companies: MAGE, RPC branch "Nerpa" of "CA" Zvezdochka", as well as of "DNB Bank", association "Murmanshelf", specialists of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Transport and Road Maintainance, Committee of Industry Development and Entrepreneurship of the Murmansk region, the Murmansk representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, teachers of higher educational institutions of the city, etc.

The meeting was followed by an interested discussion and comments.