Mr.Hreinn Palsson, Deputy Chief of Mission, Mimister Counsellor of the Embassy of Iceland in Moscow has visited the Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry and meet Anatoly Glushkov, the Northern CCI President to discusss possible cooperation between our countries.  Mr.Vitaly Kasatkin, the Honorary Consul of Iceland in the Murmansk region and Valeri Akbashev, CEO of Njordrus company were participating in the meeting.

The parties have discussed perspectives for cooperation between Icelandic and Murmansk fishing and fish processing companies, possibilities to obtain Icelandic experience in this regard, because Iceland has  modern technologies and newest  equipment  in fish processing industry. Valeri Akbashev says that “Njordrus” company is a member of Skaginn Group in Russia and it has a good experience in joint projects with Russian partners.

Anatoly Glushkov has informed the guests that in the end of this September the Northern CCI has signed Memorandum of Understanding with the  Icelandic-Arctic Chamber of Commerce and he is confident,  this agreement will become a solid basis for further development of cooperation between the various sectors of the economy of Iceland and Murmansk Region.

Nadezda Kumashova, International Dep.Manager